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Twin Flame & Soulmate Sabotages In Relationships

A twin flame Relationship is the most challenging but, also the most rewarding aspects of our lives and this can also be for soulmates as well too! But, the more intense the twin flame (or soulmate) bond is, the larger opportunity for spiritual growth we may face.

Sabotages can happen with twin flames and soulmates, it actually happens to them all the time because often when they meet, they don’t always have the ability to handle the intensity of the connection, no matter how prepared you think you are, you aren’t, and that is because when twin flames or soulmates meet for the first time they are at different levels at their spiritual growth, all of those things set the stage for sabotaging to happen in their relationship. Twin flames and soulmates come into our lives to help us grow spiritually and make the world a better place. Here are some of the ways soulmates and twin flames can sabotage their relationship


Were all working to work on our self-esteem, we can get really confused as a child where we can feel unworthy, it’s a common because almost 95% of our thoughts are held in the subconscious mind and most people have some pretty gnarly subconscious thoughts about what they’re worth. Some ways we can really boost our self-worth is by hanging out with people who are working on their self-worth by choosing to value ourselves, taking actions that reflect that and using affirmations.

They Fear The Future

They fear the future; being afraid of the what ifs, like will they be feed, will they be nourished will they have everything they want in this twin flame union, instead of really moving thru the fears, working thru them, showing up, and allowing themselves to move through the fears, they often give up before the fear comes up, were always afraid of not having love, or having love. So because they are afraid they sabotage themselves from meeting their twin flame or soulmate. Affirmations can really help you move thru these subconscious fears.

Being Too Needy, Not Letting Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Have Their Privacy

Often times, we can come off needy or clingy to our divine partner unintentionally. We do it because we just love them so much and don’t realize that were not giving them enough space to breath or enough room to roam around. Being too clingy or needy can make a person feel smothered, and people who feel smothered tend to feel the urge to break free from their other partner.

It’s important that we quickly address this behavior, have enough trust and respect to our divine partner to give them their privacy.

Not Loving Yourself

A lot of the times we sabotage our twin flame and soulmate relationships because we don’t love ourselves, instead we experience heart break.

We are all connected on a soul level, and when we love ourselves, we can help our divine partner love themselves as well t.

The connection between you and your divine partner is not about ego! Instead, it all starts in the heart, and is about the merging with love. It’s so important that we ignore the energy of our ego, and get in touch with our spirituality and love ourselves.

Self-Love starts with you, it’s not about what you have, don’t have, what you did in your past or how you look. No, it’s about loving yourself unconditionally, loving yourself means to love every part of yourself, your flaws, and imperfections, shadow parts, and learning from your past mistakes.

Learn to love yourself, and talk to yourself like you would to your best friend or someone you love. Get rid of those negative self-talks! I know it’s not always easy but start off slow, self-love is a journey and does take time.

When you say negative things about yourself, it makes your body feel bad and you attract negative energy. But when you say nice things about yourself you attract positive energy and you can actually feel emotionally better from this too!!

Start off slow, some things you can do to help are to use affirmations, saying things like “I love myself and I am beautiful just the way I am” or “I love myself unconditionally.”

When you enhance your beauty, your body smiles back at you, it automatically makes you feel good. Now I’m not saying go rade Sephora or anything like that, but when you make yourself look polished your body smiles at you and you attract more of that kind of energy.

Nourish your body with healthy foods, and keep physically active will greatly help you, mind, body, and spiritually. Create a daily routine that’s easy and you can stick to. Give yourself a facial or a pedicure, take a nap if you’ve been missing out on hours of sleep. Whatever it is, just do things that your future self will thank you for.

Not Being Open to Receiving Help

When we become in denial or want to do everything by ourselves, we can sometimes push our other half away. Know that you can learn something from everyone, never think you know everything! Don’t be stubborn!!

Being too Passive, or A People Pleaser

A lot of the times, we can sabotage our relationships with our twin flames and soulmates by being too passive, and not speaking up because we don’t want to stir up emotions or make our loved on upset. But in reality, were all wrong sometimes, and capable of saying “I’m sorry.” We need to accept that. When we do this, we are helping our divine partner grow and become a better person.

Thinking Your Wounds Can Be Too Much for them.

We can often fear that if we expose ourselves, get naked without beloved then, they’re going to see how much stuff we have in there and they are going to see us for who we are, what we look like, bringing out more of our insecurities about our bodies or our personalities, even our financial status and just our overall being and where were at in our lives.

The reason we want to get rid if this behavior is because you will manifest exactly what you fear, so if you’re afraid that your wounds will be too much, or that you’re not enough, you will manifested your special soulmate or twin flame, freaking out when you do take off the veil.

So it’s important you work on healing yourself first before doing that.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

With soulmates and twin flame relationships, we can get so caught up with everything and hold up high expectations with them. We expect our divine partner to be so perfects, not argue on anything or fight and always agree with us on everything, but that is so far from the truth!! It’s so important that we release our expectations with them because when we do, we allow the energy to flow more fluidly, we allow the universe to do the work in bringing our soulmate\twin flame back together in harmony.


Believing You Might Fall Out of Love If You Find Your Twin Flame.

Twin flame energy is so divine and perfect. It’s the parallel lines of the number 11, 11 you are one, but your actually 2 different ones. When we connect with our twin flame, we anchor and create a bridge between heaven and earth, and when we anchor the higher dimensions 5 d heaven and earth, there’s infinite stream of possibilities an infinite field of creation, and that’s when it becomes exciting to be here in 3D.

so truly the twin flame union isn’t something we can get bored of, instead it becomes deeper and deeper, but it does take work, your body, the union, you got to keep working. But when we create that healthy twin flame union that’s when it becomes a vehicle for teleportation into higher dimensions that’s where the twin flame union becomes extra dimension of bliss, transcendental, where we just melt into oneness with our twin.

Face these fears, instead of thinking you will fall out of love! Show up for the love, and feel every last drop of the love from union. This will help both you and your twin and the reunion process!

Disrespecting Boundaries

Twin flames and soulmates can most often times sabotage their relationship by disrespecting their boundaries and even their partner. Subconsciously they have no idea what they’re doing, they think by getting away with bad behavior that their partner and that their partner must not really take the relationship seriously, because if they did, they would of said something about it and not let them get away with it.

So keep in mind, when you are reacting to your twin flame or soulmate’s bad behavior, do not send out the wrong message! If it is a big deal, act on it, do something about it, show them what it is you don’t like. Sometimes twin flames and soulmates test the boundaries with their other half’s patience and love because they don’t feel they are deserving of their twin flame or soulmate’s love and sabotage it.

Fear of Disappointments

Were scared to relive our past hurts, those times we thought we found :The one” and then got hurt, and got betrayed, making us to being underlying skeptical to being overly skeptical to the point where we’ve almost given up on love.

But, we’ve learned from these past relationships, it’s highly unlikely that it will happen again because you’ve grown spiritually and mentally from them, you will not fall in love with those types of people anymore.

Proceed with caution and go slow, do the inner work and not jump the gun! Take the time to heal.

Afraid of Being Codependent

Let yourself feel, have the desire to have a connection, embrace your codependent patterns, and instead admit them! Saying things like “Yes, I have codependent patterns, I’m working on them!”

Whatever areas you’re codependent on take the time to work on them ask for support from others, get a counselor or coach to help you! This will help you in your twin flame and soulmate connections!

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