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Awakening Twin Flame Union By The Feminine Energy

Divine masculine and divine feminine are archetypes that exist in all relationships between twin flames. The divine feminine and divine masculine bring with them different traits to the divine union. The balancing of their energies creates a harmonious platform and basis for the relationship itself.

Feminine energy is a powerful healing energy that allows us to open to receiving. Feminine, referred to as yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an energy that is more often to be calm, nurturing, compassionate, and caring.

Each twin is whole on their own, and will individually have masculine and feminine traits within themselves. The twin flame number 11:11 indicates the balance between both feminine as masculine energy of each twin flame and represents the twins coming together.

We might sometimes hide our feminine side, in the overly masculine world sometimes, but for the twins to continue on their journey together they must each individually be able to keep the balance of both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. It may not be an easy task, but it does get easier for each person as they are consistent with tapping into their feminine energy side.

Some ways you can tap into your feminine energy AND help awaken:

Start receiving & focus on feeding your soul

The masculine produces, the feminine receives in the same way that the masculine seed enters the feminine womb. In traditional societies men hunted, and women gathered. There is a yin-yang relationship that has been out of balance.

When we focus on receiving what fills us up, either it’s following a passion, being in service to others, spending time with people (or animals) that we love, and exploring new hobbies, we become more of a magnet for what we want.

God, the universe, rewards us for focusing on our joys, pleasures and satisfactions, instead of hitting numbers, being in competition, and being egotistic.

Honor your feelings and emotions

It’s so important to access and process our emotions, otherwise they can turn into something unpleasant, like cysts, lumps, hormones, acne, painful periods, or even accidents.

For women to truly have it all, we have to accept and integrate our emotions. Even the messy-small ones!

Allow yourself to feel your emotions and don’t be ashamed of it, “feel to heal.” Take time to feel each of your emotions as they come up (unless it’s not an appropriate time, like a business meeting). But when you can, try to feel your emotions, especially feel the uncomfortable ones like fear, heartbreak, anger, sadness, and even the hard ones, like self-hatred.

I know it can be pretty hard, especially when you have a lot on your plate so to speak. It can really help if you have a community or support group around you to help.

Water, water, water!

Water helps nourish our bodies, heightens our intuition, gives us energy, sooths us, and can even help us let go of old lovers. Drink more water, take hot baths, clean with hot water can really help open us up to our feminine energy.

But be wary not to overdo third, or like the old saying, “don’t stay in hot water for too long or you’ll be in hot water!” Avoid extreme heats and take rests when necessary, otherwise you might lose your yin (feminine energy.)

Eat and wear more orange

The vessel of our feminine energy is the sacral chakra, which is in Orange color. ` When we surround ourselves more with the frequency of this color, we allow the balance and harmony of this sacred chakra to be improved. Some ways we can do this or either by eating more orange foods and wearing orange.

Enjoy the physical pleasures in life

Your body is a temple; it is the only way to bring new life into this world and should therefore be treated as such. Do things that make your body feel good physically, Things like free flowing movement such as: yoga, painting, massages. Dancing, and low impact work outs.

Being gentle, loving and compassionate

When we come to a certain level of vibration, then we can tap into our twin’s soul. Their part of their soul were sharing, then we can help them raise them up and help them wake up, help them bloom from the 5th dimension and how we can do that is by starting from a place of love, compassion, happiness bliss and joy.

You want to send them love and healing vibrations, and prayers. You don’t think about how your twin is living their life, what they’re doing, judge what your twin is doing, instead you let go, even if your twin is doing behaviors you don’t like, you just let that go and instead you focus on you, being a goddess, healing yourself and as you heal yourself you’re healing them.

This is a true partnership, you share a soul and we have a responsibility to give back to your twin, to help them wake up and helping others around you. Coming to awareness, helping the world, other people even with a situation like yours, changing your perspective really helps you and your twin physically and energetically, so that you two can finally come into union.

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