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Virgo Super Moon What You Can Expect

The March Full Moon is a Super Moon and falls in the earth sign of Virgo. It all happens Monday, March 9th. this month’s full moon will be one of several super moons of 2020, and it will be the second-closest of them all, making it appear much bigger than usual to us here on Earth.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, March’s full moon has many traditional names, but there are two that are well known they are, the Worm Moon and Sap Moon, both of which directly reflect the time of year in which this full moon occurs.

The full moon in Virgo brings along potent energy for releasing, healing, and bringing acceptance to our lives. It helps illuminate any areas in our lives that need to be released and healed from.

No matter our personal sign, we will all feel the energies of the Virgo Full Moon and can use the energy to receive clarity, and guidance.

This Full Moon opposite Neptune can increase our emotional sensitivity so much to the point that we could become confused about our own feelings and misunderstand others.

We might also give the wrong impression to others. Causing confusion, deception, and scandal. Along with that it may cause in increase in sensitivity, and cause us to feel more emotional.

Its best that we try not to over think on things, and thing before we say anything. Instead handle whatever situation comes with love and generosity.

Also it reminds us that it’s really important to have boundaries, with everyone in our life.

Full moons are related to endings, culminations, and are emotional energy. It’s a great time now to get things done, especially if its things that we’ve been putting off for so long. The Virgo energy can help us get to work pronto, organized, be productive and make things happen.

The worm moon, may also ask us to shake things up in our lives in some ways, like to try a different approach to something we’ve been working on.

Keep in mind that with the full moon in Virgo can heighten our emotions, intuition and instincts. By that, it helps give us the emotional strength and psychic insight to overcome any relationship challenges. It’s also helping us take a closer look at our personal relationships. Helping us to clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Bringing with this full moon is helping to uncovering the things that may have been kept secret or hidden from you in your love and personal relationships. It gives increased self-awareness that will help you better differentiate between truth and fiction, reality and illusion.

This a good full moon for professional advancement, business, and legal matters

But, be careful, this full moon can tend to make us overwork ourselves and stress ourselves out if something’s not done on times. Be sure to take breaks, rest and don’t focus too hard. Instead, do what you can, and take things one step at a time.

It’s great for pegging out the things in our lives that aren’t working for us anymore, like our daily routines, belief systems, and life patterns that we unconsciously go through without realizing. By doing so we can break free from our past and heal.

This might mean taking on better morning habits, paying closer attention to our spending habits, and even taking on some very literal spring cleaning, like tackling an overflowing closet or getting rid of things that have been sitting in our homes that aren’t doing anything or being used...

Also this goes for our personal well-being, it may be messier than our physical space. This is an opportunity to examine our approach to getting better sleep, more hydration, and exercise.

The virgo full moon gives us motivation to kickstart our unhealthy eating habits, exercise more and do more self care.

This is a good full moon for overcoming our fears. It’s helping us to acknowledge our own weaknesses and forgive ourselves. This will help us grow spiritually, morally and ethically. Removing guilt and self-pity will lead to a happier and more contented life.

Expect lots of magic with this super full moon! Good luck will shine down on you!

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