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How You Can End the Runner and Chaser Stage In a Twin Flame Relationship


In the beginning when Twin flames (or often referred to as twin souls) were created, they were made up from one soul unite. They were then split apart into 2 separate souls, one soul would represent masculine energy and the other soul would represent feminine energy. Each soul then go their own separate way always yearning for their twin, wanting to merge back into one single soul unit and reunite but, not consciously knowing it.

Twin flames can go years, or even lifetimes trying to find each other and it is actually very rare for you to meet your twin flame. Sometimes twin flames don’t always meet up in the same lifetime and that’s ok the universe will bring you both together when the time is right.

Once twin flames or twin souls finally merge together they do not follow any more lifetimes trying to find each other. Twin flame relationships are all different and they do serve different roles in our lives. Often times twin flame relationships are said to be “the ultimate relationship.”

After twin flames meet, Many of the times they may go through the running and chasing process were one twin (most commonly the one representing masculine energy) will become scared or overwhelmed from this all and run from their twin. While the other twin (often time the twin representing the feminine energy) will try to chase after their twin, yearning to be with them. The chaser in this phase is actually the one that is more spiritually aware and understands that what they have with their twin is so divine. This stage is referred to as the runner and chaser stage.

But, there can be many different reasons why the runner is running from their other half in which cases it’s because they are not spiritually whole, they don’t understand the connection fully so they become in denial, their heart chakra is closed, or they don’t know how to love their own self. So when they look at their twin they see a direct reflection of their own self and that frightens them.

This can become a very hurtful and challenging time for the chaser, but it doesn’t have to be this way and you can overcome this pain, chasers can speed up the process of this phase, or even end the running and chasing as well. Below listed are ways to help the chaser.

Twin flames are always together

Knowing that Twin flames are meant to be together can help ease off the pain the other twin soul (the chaser.) even though one twin may run from the other, this will not last. Twin Flames are always connected, and are never apart on a soul level, regardless of the physical distance that they may be in. Over time the runner will stop running from their other half and will start to run back to them. This is a process but just knowing that your twin flame will be back in your life is enough to help calm and ease off the pain and hurt.

Let the runner run

Do not continue to chase after the runner, this only make them want to keep running and without realizing it you are running from yourself. Runners need time and they will come back when they are ready. So just surrender and let go. They will be back once they realize that they need to be with you.

Don’t check on the runner

Its best if you try to not check on them or try to find out what they’re doing like looking at their social media, or even asking other people about them. Give the runner space; they will begin exhaust themselves running away from their self and not because of you.

Remember that you’re not alone.

There are many that have found their twin flame and are or was going through the similar experience as you are. Most of the time when dealing with these types of situations you may look to share and talk about what you’re going through with your friends and loved ones, which is fine but a lot of the times their not officially aware of this divine spiritual connection and do not understand your situation clearly.

Become spiritually whole

If the runner is not whole within themselves they cannot make the other complete. Twin flames need to have both their masculine and feminine energies at peace and be in balance. If you were to join your twin when you are not whole, you both would live in eternity with deep pain still remaining. There are many things you can do to become more spiritually whole like, spend time in nature, read, get into art, keeping active, helping out the environment, and meditate.

Love yourself unconditionally.

It’s so important for the chaser to love and accept them for who they are. There are many things you can do to improve self love. Start by looking at yourself everyday in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” and “I am beautiful” say these lines even if you don’t feel like it. The more you keep doing this the more your brain starts to believe it and you attract all positive energy. Salt baths are another great way too. They can help clear out harsh energy and toxins out of both your energetic and physical bodies. Meditation is also a powerful in getting out of any negative thought patterns and regaining an inner connection with your intuition and soul wisdom.

Nourish your body with good foods that make you feel and look better. Such foods are natural whole foods like fruits and veggies, lean meats like turkey, chicken, beef and fish, whole grains and healthy fats like avocados and coconut oils. Try to stay away from processed refined foods, like boxed, frozen, canned or commercialized food, try to stay away from white pastas and breads, eat low fat dairy, and stay away from foods high in sugars like candies and pastries. Also, meditation and praying are great ways to help improve self love too, it helps get out of negative thought patterns, regain intuition and soul wisdom, and also helps regain connection with your inner self.

Awaken your own self

Concentrate on yourself; try work on improving your own self. Try getting into different activities and find out more about yourself. Explore and learn what motivates and inspires you, what you are most talented at, and work on accomplishing your own goals and ambitions.

Use the law of attraction

Be mindful and aware of what you are saying and thinking about because this is manifestation. What we give our energy to and focus upon is what we tend to attract to us. Focus on what you want and not on what you fear or the things you don’t want to happen. Focus on the positive and your twin flame reunion.

I hope this article provided help and insight onto your situation.

Love and light,



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