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How To Cope With Separation From Your Twin Flame or Soulmate

Everyone in the world has their own twin flame. In the very beginning we all were made up from one soul unit. each soul unit was then split into 2 souls and each soul would represent masculine energy and the other soul would represent the feminine energy

Once they were split each soul would go their own way, subconsciously always yearning for their twin, wanting to merge back into one single soul unit and reunite but, not consciously knowing it.

Sometimes twin flames don't always meet up, and it is actually rare for you to meet your twin flame. They also share past lives with one another.

Twin flames Basically symbolizes yin and yang, yin searches for yang while yang searches out for yin. The Yin and yang balance affects our physical bodies, spiritual selves and personalities as determined by our astrological charts.

Twin flames are soulmates but they experience an unconditional love for one another, they have a feeling of being complete or "of one" when they are with each other. They share many similarities as well as well as being very opposite from one another. You can read up more on the signs that let you know you have actually met your twin flame click here.

A Twin flame connection has a very high level of intensity with extreme emotion, twin flames can feel each other's energy also they can send and receive energy to one another. It is almost impossible to disconnect from each other.

But because of this strong connection twin flames share most often one twin (usually the one with masculine energy) will become overwhelmed with the intensity of the connection, not fully understanding it and then separate from their twin while the other twin (most commonly the twin that has the feminine energy) that is fully aware and understand this connection will chase after the other twin (this is most commonly known as the runner and chaser.) But it does not have to be in this exact order and it can be interchangeable

The Twin Flame connection is intensified during the pulling and pushing process of this running and chasing. Sometimes it can go into a cycle of reuniting and detaching from each other. This can take time and sometimes go on for years of being in this merry go round with your twin,

This can also be a very painful experience that can seem hopeless for the twin. But it does not have to be this way, here are some tips on how you can deal with separation from your twin flame or soulmate.

1.) Twin flames reflect back at each other and they need to be at a spiritual wholeness, which means they need to have their own masculine and feminine energies in peace and at a balance. If you were to join when you are not whole, you would live in eternity with great pain still remaining

2.) You need to focus on your own goals and ambitions first, like working on your own awakening. Find out what motivates you, what your passions are, what you’re good at and act.

3.) Be grateful that you have found your twin, because it's not always usual that you can find and meet your twin flame. Express gratitude for this connection and you will find it easier to remind yourself that you two are already together by the definition of twin flame concept and that the physical distance is no issue for spiritual closeness.

4.) You both have inner issues that still need healing It’s important for both twins to follow their Karmic path and resolve any past issues with others, before they can return to a complete union.

5.) Just love your twin, regardless of what they are, be soft and gentle, leave them go. Your energies with your twin will align when you love without expectations or conditions because there is no despair, just trust, love and surrender forever. Remember if you push them to strong they will run away from you because your energy is way too strong for them to handle at that time.

6.) affirmations are a very powerful tool. Self-love affirmations eliminate childhood, family, and low self-esteem blocks that can be stuck in your subconscious, in your cells, you aura, DNA and water. In order to vibrate twin flame love, you have to clear out and heal from these toxins. Affirmations are a powerful source to do so. Some really great affirmations to say are:

"My twin flame reunion happens now"

"I love myself"

"I allow my twin flame reunion to happen naturally"

"I am loved"

"I am divinely perfect"

"I unblock all old twin flame karmas"

Keep repeating these kinds of affirmations to yourself. The more you keep inserting them in your mind the more your brain will have nothing else to think but these positive thoughts thus attracting all things alike. Say these affirmations during night and morning or even during the day. Just keep telling yourself them as much as possible.

7.) Meditation is also a great way for aligning yourself with your twin flame. It will help bring you two together, connect you two to the universe and can even help awaken their spirit.

8.) Both twin flames may have baggage left over from unresolved\unhealed past relationships that need to be cleared out before they can unite. They need to recognize this baggage and let go of their ego.

9.) Twin flames need to stop letting their ego control them, when the ego is in control you will experience much fears, worries, confusions and doubts about your twin flame relationship ever working out. But once one twin finally realizes that they need to let go of their fears, doubts and ego it will then reflect back the other twin and will help the reunification process.

10.) Everything is energy and the food you eat everyday is energy. But you need to Ask yourself what kind of energy do I consume? Is it enhancing your energy and does it allow your ability to connect with twin flame\soulmate’s energy?

11.) The more you give your body non processed, and natural whole foods the healthier you will be, not only with the body. Clean eating keeps your physical body open to a more spiritual and psychic energy.

You may find your spiritual energy low at times, it’s not just your physical energy is impacted by what you eat every day? Our Spirits communicate better with our soul mate and twin flame, also our psychic energy work can work better on eating a clean and a healthy diet. Try to eat whole non processed foods, stick to eating fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats such as chicken or fish, Reducing any alcohol will enhance the energy connection. Try to stay away from sugar, carbonated drinks like soda, animal fats, boxed or frozen meals, and fast food restaurants. Remember you are what you eat. Everything you eat has an effect on your energy, but not just the physical energy.

12.) Another big and important factor is learning to love and accept yourself as you are. To love yourself is to honor your beliefs, values and to maintain your boundaries. , we can only receive love to the extent we love ourselves, so it is very important that we learn to love ourselves first. Also Learn to forgive yourself, This makes it easier to forgive others as well. Affirmations help in self love.

13.) Keeping active and getting into exercise is a great way to deal with being seperated from your twin flame or soulmate. find some type of work out or sport that you can enjoy and stick to it. It can be hiking, yoga, pilates,walking,weight lifting, bike riding, and running. Or even try a group fitness class like zumba, body pump, TRX, piyo, turbokick, spinning, or a barre class. Your entire spiritual outlook will feel a shift and greater physical activity.

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